About me

Hi! My name is Alexandre Thomas. I like hacking and learning.

I am applied mathematics and computer science graduate from Mines ParisTech and I also learned some ML at Sorbonne University (courses from M2 DAC and M2A). I enjoy topics around Bayesian statistics, RL, and time series in general, although I am currently really interested in data & software engineering.

I feel involved in current societal issues (🌍🌪🥵⚡️) and I want to build solutions that have an impact (🚀💪).

I have previously worked at Velan Studios on SLAM for Mario Kart Live, at the International Energy Agency on hourly energy demand modelling, and at Criteo AI Lab on VAEs and conditional text generation. I am currently working at the French Gendarmerie Nationale, as a data engineer on a EIG project.

Feel free to get in touch at hi@alxthm.com !